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The Surrogacy Jargon-buster

Are you thinking about surrogacy but muddled by all the tricky jargon? If you’re looking into surrogacy, we appreciate that you have enough to ponder without having to define confusing jargon. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful glossary to help you get a handle on all of the unfamiliar surrogacy phrases and concepts out there.

AI (artificial insemination)
A non-sexual, medical technique utilised to introduce sperm into the female reproductive tract. ICI and ICU (see below) are two types of artificial insemination which could be put into practice for this process.

Commercial surrogacy
The United Kingdom has outlawed commercial surrogacy – it is outlawed in this country. In this kind of surrogacy, the surrogate mother is paid to carry the foetus. In Britain all surrogacy procedures legally need to be voluntary, with purely time/travel/necessary expenses paid.

For infertile women (or women who would like to create biological children but cannot bear a child), egg-donation is an option. A viable egg from a donor or the intended biological mother is fertilised (generally with the intended father’s semen) and then inserted into the surrogate’s (or infertile mother’s) uterus.

Ethics Committee
Surrogacy is closely regulated, despite the fact that it is legal there are paths to go through before your surrogacy is approved. To make certain that surrogacy procedures are conducted morally and responsibly, lots of clinics use an ethics committee who can O.K. the procedure.

Full surrogacy
This sort of surrogacy is also known as host surrogacy or gestational surrogacy. It is the most frequent sort of surrogacy in which a host mother is implanted with the embryo made by the intended parents (either making use of donor eggs and sperm of their own or a combination of the two).

Gay surrogacy
Homosexual surrogacy is one of the greatest chances for homosexual male couples to start a family. A host mother will be inserted with an embryo fertilsed by one of the two fathers with a donated egg via IVF. In some procedures, artificial insemination is used to fertilise the surrogate’s own egg with the fathers’ sperm.

ICI (intracervical insemination)
A type of AI in which the neck of the host mother’s cervix is medically exposed to the fertilising sperm.

IUI (intrauterine insemination)
In an intrauterine artificial insemination process, ‘washed semen’ (ejaculate that has had all non-fertilizing elements taken out of it) is injected directly into the uterus.

Partial surrogacy
This form of surrogacy is also called traditional and straight surrogacy. To carry out partial surrogacy, IVF or artificial insemination is used to insert the surrogate either with the sperm of the intended father or with an embryo made from the surrogate’s own egg and the hopeful father’s semen.

Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985
This is a legal act which was put into place by UK parliament to prohibit commercial surrogacy. The reason behind its creation was the birth of the United Kingdom’s first surrogate child which outraged the population.

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